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Ticks are everywhere: how your pet can pick up ticks

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Ticks can be found in both rural and urban spaces. Do you think your pet is safe from Ticks? Think again.

Ticks are efficient hunters widely distributed in the countryside and parkland. They typically “quest” from low vegetation and shrubs. When they sense vibration, carbon-dioxide (CO2), warmth and humidity from a passing animal they climb aboard, attach, and start to feed on its blood.

A questing Ixodes spp. tick, waiting to jump onto your pet and start its blood meal.

Ticks can be found in a wide variety of habitats, including woodland, grassland, parks and hedgerows. Recent studies have shown that the edges of woodland paths are a particularly high risk area; exactly the type of area that your dog is likely to explore on walks. Ticks are not just an issue in rural areas, and they can also be found in urban parks and gardens.

Forest and woodland trails are a common source of tick infestation

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