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Introducing Isla and her puppies!

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Isla’s Story

Just over a month ago, Isla, a gorgeous and sweet natured Staffie X, was brought into us by a very kind member of the public. She had been found straying in the area and, unfortunately, she was not microchipped. Despite best efforts to find her owner, no one came forward to claim her.

It very soon became clear to us that Isla was in fact expecting puppies! On the night of Sunday 2nd of June, she gave birth to 7 beautiful pups. Unfortunately, as is often the case, one poor little puppy did not survive. We are, however, pleased to announce that the remaining 6 are doing well and growing very fast!

They are now 2 and a half weeks old and are beginning to open their eyes and respond more to the world around them!

Isla having a well deserved break!

Over the coming weeks we will be posting regular updates on Isla and her lovely pups so please stay tuned for news on their progress!


Microchipping of dogs has been a legal requirement in Ireland since March 2016, and ensures that if your pet becomes lost or strays they have the best chance of making it back home. Although not a legal requirement at present, we also strongly recommend the microchipping of cats for the same reason.

Please don’t forget that the microchip itself is not enough – it must also be registered to the owners contact details!

To find out more about microchipping and microchip registration of your dog (or cat!) please don’t hesitate to contact us at our Terenure branch on (01) 455 5362 or Dundrum branch on (01) 296 5876, or by email at [email protected].